Who We Are

SEA Collective is a fully independent record label, music publisher, and creative agency based in Miami and London. The Collective is made up of a team of highly talented individuals that produce music, create branded content, manage other artists, and provide consultation for aspiring creatives. 

Founded by Tim Ajayi and Mitch Smith, SEA Collective combines attention to detail, hard work, and long term vision to produce thought-provoking and creative music via collaborative work with other talented artists and creatives. The founders bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from the business realm and their travels and channel it into high quality musical output. 


SEA is an acronym for South East Atlantic and encapsulates the story of the two founders. They both grew up in the South East of England before crossing the Atlantic Ocean, where they found themselves in South Florida, the South East of the United States.

The SEA logo is ambivalent: it either represents a globe or a nucleus. The globe is more obvious: illustrating the international nature of the firm and the travel experience that underpinned the founding of it. The nucleus is more vague but embodies the core of the collective around which everything orbits. 

Key Principles of all SEA Collective Output:

1. High Quality

2. Thought-Provoking and Socially Challenging

3. Independently Driven



Co-Founder/Lead Artist

Tim Ajayi is the lead artist on the record label and has the final say on all musical output. He is a highly gifted writer and rapper and can readily work and produce high quality music with almost anyone that he embraces.

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Co-Founder/Artist Manager

Mitch Smith is directly involved in artist management and outlines medium to long-term strategies, provides consultation on direction and quality, and is the first point of contact for artist inquiries. 

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Executive Producer

Mansa Sensei is a man of many musical talents and produces most of the instrumentals that are used by artists on the SEA roster. All output is run by his ears and he works directly with artists, developing their sound and encouraging them to reach an infinitely higher level of quality in their work.

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Photography & Social Curation

Brittany Jaco has a sharp eye for the perfect picture, and all SEA branding and content is run by her to ensure consistency and excellence. She embodies the independence of SEA, where she provides social media, public relations, and photography services to outside clients.

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